NEW HOBBY: City Series #1 – Edinburgh

Hobbynoun. an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

We have many of these ‘hobby’ things, but a new found favourite of ours is photography. Fortunate enough to travel a little, we’ve decided to take our camera with us and take some images of the fantastic cities we get to explore!

First up is one of our favourite cities; The Scottish Capital, Edinburgh. A historic city with culture aplenty, the new town is as multicultural as anywhere else on the planet. The place comes alive during the festive period with a world famous Christmas Market and New Years Eve ‘Hogmanay’ street party to boot – we were fortunate enough to visit on the national St. Andrew’s Day. Here are a few of our favourite images.

A lot of fun playing around with shutter speeds and exposures etc. We always welcome advice as to how we can improve but expect to see some regular images from ourself and our destinations. If nothing else, the galleries will add a little colour to our page!

Hold tight, James Dawne.


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